digital transformation with the PisaSales CRM is easy

Digital Transformation and CRM

The digital transformation is taking place. Those who do not act now may not live to see the next few years. Are you well positioned for the future? No? Then you should put all areas of your company to the test as quickly as possible. Because: What worked well yesterday does not necessarily have to work tomorrow.

Let me give you an example first:

A well-known DIY store decides to increasingly advertise its products on the Internet, using YouTube as a marketing channel. Video instructions for smaller home building projects are presented and questions about them are answered directly on their own website. Where do you think the customer goes to buy the material? Customers and interested parties are active! They search and inform themselves via the Internet. It would be bad for your company if you ignore this.

In many companies the awareness that change is necessary has arrived. If not, you should first of all accept that change is imminent and that action is really necessary. Pause briefly and analyze your situation carefully. Be impartial and weigh up the advantages that the new technologies could bring to your company. The more you deal with the topic, the easier the first step will be.

But Where to Start? How Do You Approach It in Concrete Terms?

First take stock: Where does your company stand? What digital infrastructure is available, what can still be expanded? Define your goals: What do you want to achieve with digitalization? Do you have the necessary staff in-house or would it be better to enlist the help of an external consultant? Do you need new IT specialists? And what does all this cost? And what impact can you expect on your business operations?

In the second step, find out more about the various topics of digitalization. These include, for example: Establishing new digital business models, e.g. on the Internet, the optimization of business processes through the use of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, block chain or robotics, increasing sales and customer acquisition/customer loyalty through marketing and sales automation, etc. Attention! Many of these topics started as hype at first and are seen more and more realistically over time. Not all of these new technologies fit your business. But the art is to find out which ones fit…

You want to implement the complete program right away? Better proceed step by step! Select the area that has the most potential and start there. Digitalization can and will change your business processes in your company. Therefore it is wise to split your project into smaller projects. The danger of getting bogged down is high!

Digital Transformation with Focus on the Customer

New digital technologies enable you to take far-reaching measures to attract customers: For example, you can operate an online shop to sell goods or services on the Internet. Or you can use a CRM system to systematically design your customer relationship processes. Maybe you also create a blog with opinions and thoughts on specific topics of your products. You can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Xing and LinkedIn to acquire new customers. Chatbots, web portals, online configurators, … – many projects are waiting for you here!

The introduction of a CRM system is also part of the digitalization strategy. As a CRM provider, we have the customer in mind and offer integrated digital CRM solutions for customer relationship management. By optimizing the process flows, customers are addressed in a personalized manner and served more quickly. Processes are linked to relevant contact data of your customers and all departments have access to a contact and activity management system across all departments. Individual departments such as sales, service and marketing are no longer viewed in isolation from one another, but form an analytical unit: a 360° view of all customer information! CRM contributes significantly to customer loyalty and new customer acquisition, streamlines processes and helps to save time.

But that is only half the truth. Digital transformation does not only concern the software to be introduced or the information technology that makes this change possible in the first place. Rather, the digital transformation will significantly change our entire life and actions in many areas. Therefore, old organizational structures and thought patterns should also be transformed. The working world, for example, will in future be characterized less by the individual employee and more by agile teams that are characterized even more than today by a highly networked communication structure.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) means consistently aligning your company and its processes with your customers. It is about understanding the individual customer better in order to design your products and services accordingly: An added value for all parties involved.

The right CRM system supports you in this. It provides you with all necessary features such as internal chats, full text search or collaboration tools. But you have to bring the CRM idea to life.