What Do We Do and How

You have a passion for developing software. No matter if you have the talent and are still on the way to become a development guru or if you already are a professional and want to achieve the next level: In this job, you will work together with a world class team of developers who share your passion for software development in general and Ruby on Rails development in particular. We are looking for Full-Stack DevOps Engineer working on projects as well as contributing to our own established SaaS offerings. The projects usually have a one to six month timeline while the work on our products is ongoing. Many of our products and projects work with bleeding edge technologies and go where no programmer has gone before.

Your Responsibilities

  • You'll design, code, launch and maintain interactive applications, you also debug and sometimes fix what others developed
  • You'll deploy these applications to AWS and make use of its services ecosystem
  • You'll monitor and automate deployment tasks and are responsible for scalability and availability
  • You'll maintain web applications for companies and organisations worldwide
  • You'll support our project development teams and but communicate with clients
  • You'll work within an agile team

Your Responsibilities

  • Knowing a programming language, preferably JavaScript or Ruby on Rails
  • Alternatively knowing how to deploy web applications on cloud services (especially AWS)  and using their service oriented offering
  • Working knowledge of search technologies (such as ElasticSearch), databases (SQL and NoSQL) and web development (HTML5/CSS3) with modern frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, ...)
  • Building software as part of a distributed test-driven agile DevOps team, including code reviews, feature branching, continuous integration, etc.
  • English language skills are at minimum intermediate level, both written and spoken. German is a plus 
  • We care about talent, skills, and continuous self improvement and not how you've acquired these qualities – university, code school or self-thought. None of us knows and does everything mentioned above

The Team

Team sizes vary from 2 to 16 developers. This keeps you away from dull routine and just being a cog in the machine. We work agile only. As a team member, you'll have the opportunity to share your ideas and contribute to various ongoing and new projects. You can also switch between teams, if you like.

Your Benefits

  • Well-founded familiarization with the area of responsibility
  • Lots of space for initiative and work
  • A safety workplace with a high feel good factor
  • Flexible working times and family-friendly working atmosphere
  • Provision of modern work equipment
  • Free choice of work location: home or our fancy offices in Berlin and Wrocław
  • Free supply of fruit and drinks as well as a great coffee machine (and tea!)
  • Regular company social events
  • An open corporate culture