Deurotech Group trusts in PisaSales CRM

Deurotech Group trusts in PisaSales CRM

Internationally known as the market leader for impregnation and coating systems for the wood-based panel and paper industry, the merger of the 5 companies Vits Technology, IFA Technology, Wessel-Umwelttechnik, Airprotech Srl and Deurotech America Inc under the umbrella of the Deurotech Group will in future rely on the CRM software solution PisaSales

The group employs a total of 220 people and generates annual sales of around 80 million euros.

The aim of the system-supported CRM strategy is to strengthen cooperation between the customer-related departments and between the five companies in order to make work in sales and service more efficient. The aim is to identify and exploit sales synergy effects throughout the Group. Processes are digitalized and designed more efficiently, throughput times and reaction times are shortened. Customers are the main beneficiaries of this development.

PisaSales CRM is used throughout the Group by more than 60 employees in the areas of sales and service. In the past, individual companies supported customer-centric processes with their own solutions based on Excel, SAP and TaxMetall. With the introduction of the CRM solution from PisaSales, a central system will be introduced which will replace many of the individual solutions.

As a plant and mechanical engineering company, it is important for the companies of the Deurotech Group to configure complex sales products in the system and to map these configurations to the respective customer. At the push of a button, a service object can be created from the respective configuration. At the same time, a detailed configuration specification is automatically made available to the service staff.

In addition, PisaSales CRM is also used to manage service quotations and service orders. Service technicians are dispatched via their own service planning board in the system.

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