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26. October 2023

JustRelate Office, Berlin

JustRelate Portal Hackathon

Goal of the Hackathon

Dear colleagues, we are happy that you are going to take part in our JustRelate Portal-Hackathon-Event. We would like all software developers in the JRG customer success team to learn how to integrate a Scrivito-based portal, website or landing page with a PisaSales CRM system. This will help you to understand the opportunities deriving from such an integration and gives you the possibility to be able to address related use cases at existing PisaSales CRM customers.

  • Displaying data from PisaSales CRM on a Scrivito-based website
  • Gather data on a website and transfer it to PisaSales CRM
  • Understand typical use cases
  • Understand how to set-up a demo environment


  • 9:00 Snacks and Coffee
  • 9:30 Welcome Note - Bernd 

  • 9:45 Tech Update
    •  - Scrivito & data objects - Kris / Alex
      - Interfacing RESTful PisaSales - Ronald 

10:45 Explanation Hacking Challenge - Jens 
11:00 Hacking in teams
12:30 Working Lunch
13:30 Hacking in teams

17:30 Presenting solutions
   - REST in peace
   - API Anchors
   - RESTful squad
18:30 Voting for a winner

  • 18:45 Walk to Brewdog
    19:00 Brewdog 
     - Dinner
     - Bowling
    22:30 End 

(please come prepared)

Participants should have cloned the required repositories / set up their workspaces beforehand. Otherwise too much time for “hacking” is lost on the day. 

The PisaSales experts should ensure they have everything installed to be able to start the portal example app locally.

Please find here a summary from Marlina, that provides all the necessary information for your preparation. 

Please create a "Scrivito Play Tenant" and provide Alex Pepper (@apepper) with 'REST API Keys' in order for him to import the needed scrivito-portal-app-content. 


Our hackathon focuses on a specific subject: Build a Website using Scrivito’s Interface Builder and PisaSales REST API.

The Teams

  • REST in peace  > 
    Steffen Kaulmann, Nils Höffler, Lukas Möller

  • API Anchors  > 
    Dominik Klein, David Kunschke, Konrad Ogielski

    Christian Pluhatsch, Hendrik HellerPaul Hossfeld

RESTful squad  > 
Liliane Kabboura, Philipp Wonschik, Patryk Ostrowski


As a CRM client of PisaSales, I would like to offer my customers a self-service portal that provides relevant use cases in customer relationship management, offering a modern user experience and streamlining my processes.

Examples of such customer relationships are event registrations, service requests, ordering spare parts, etc. - This is entirely up to you. Please do not hesitate to do what best suits a client's needs based on your experience and knowledge.


Prepare  a prototype that can be used for sales to propose a specific project and present it at the end of the day to the jury and the other teams.


The results will be awarded. The criteria to win the award is
 - Best idea
 - Best pitch / presentation
 - Best implementation

Good to know

Date and Time

Thursday, 26th October 2023
9:00 am to 22:30 pm


JustRelate Group, Kitzingstraße 15, 12277 Berlin

Brewdog, Im Marienpark 23, 12107 Berlin