Your CRM system for your pocket

The modern PisaSales CRM apps for smartphones and tablets enable mobile access to your CRM database as well as offline access to data that you have preloaded on your device. 

The apps have a range of functions that is unique on the market and enables you to act on the road. With the app-in-app concept, we offer you mobile solutions for specific tasks, which can also be tailored to your processes.  Whether smartphone or tablet from the iOS, Android or Windows world – with the apps from PisaSales you always have your CRM with you!

All Your Data in Hand

  • Apps for Sales, Service & Marketing
  • Access to CRM data independent of time and place
  • Online/Offline access with intelligent synchronization mechanism
  • User-friendly interface with comfortable use
  • Customized apps thanks to the app-in-app concept
  • Available on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows)

Contacts, Activities, Documents and Procedures

Contacts, activities, documents and procedures

All contacts, activities, appointments, histories, documents and processes etc. stored in the system can be found quickly and called up by a touch of a finger thanks to the high-performance EUREKA search engine. Data stored offline on the device can be managed on a practical dashboard. In this way you have your current contact persons, documents and processes as well as, for example, a list of your open to-dos at your fingertips at all times. Even when no network is available.

Collaboration for a Better Team Work

The chat collaboration tool connects employees and offers you the advantages of a real-time messanger for even closer collaboration. Easily chat with each other about events such as business opportunities, offers, orders, service tickets, service calls or marketing campaigns. All chats are saved as posts in a bulletin board at the respective event. In this way, the colleagues involved know even after months what was discussed with whom and when. The PisaSales CRM sends you automatic system messages and messages from your colleagues to each of your end devices. Fast as lightning and reliable! You not only see immediately when a colleague posts a message, but you can also be automatically informed about news in the CRM system.


Whether at trade fairs or on business trips – with the marketing apps of PisaSales CRM you always keep track of your current campaigns. At the touch of a fingertip, you have access to all organizational contacts, activity histories and to-dos as well as documents on events, publications and telemarketing campaigns. You can also keep a close eye on the costs, status and important dates of each campaign. This means that even when you are on the road you are well informed, e.g. about current leads, agreements with suppliers, and have access to all suppliers, colleagues, interested parties and customers including contact data.

Lead Capture for Your Trade Fairs an App inside the App

For mobile lead recording at trade fairs, we offer you an app with which you can quickly record contact data, conversations and drawings or photos, even if there is no Internet connection. With the integrated OCR text recognition or the QR Code Reader, you can easily read out the contact data of your prospects. Using freely configurable questionnaires, you can quickly and easily document the contents of conversations. Depending on the recorded answers, the software can trigger processes fully automatically and, for example, generate corresponding tasks for the office staff. All data can be analyzed and evaluated in almost any way. This not only enables a well-founded lead evaluation or a transparent cost-benefit analysis of the individual trade fairs. The market data collected can also be evaluated by sales management and product management and used to optimize their own processes.


Your sales office in your pocket – any place, any time. With the sales apps you can access the common knowledge base of the PisaSales CRM and thus all information relevant to your sales activities even when you are on the road. A number of powerful functions save you time and nerves: access to documents, prospects and customers, to-dos and histories, appointments and activities as well as business opportunities, offers, orders, scope of delivery, documents, product data and much more.

An App in the App: Visit Reports

 The visit report app offers everything you need for the quick and uncomplicated follow-up of sales appointments. You can record the contact details of the participants manually or by photo-scanning the business cards and note down the contents of the conversation in freely configurable questionnaires. Here too, the system can trigger processes in the background depending on the recorded answers and, for example, delegate tasks to the sales office. Of course you can also attach photos, sketches and documents to the report. Who actually attended the appointment is noted by a touch of a finger. It is just as easy to distribute the visit reports to internal employees and colleagues, such as sales management. You do not need to be connected to the Internet to enter visit reports. The recorded data is automatically transferred to the CRM database as soon as you are connected to the network again.


The PisaSales service apps provide you with quick access to all the information you need for service work. Starting with service notifications (tickets) and service offers to the service order including the appointment and comprehensive data about the service-relevant product (installed base). An FAQ database, access to the service history, product-specific documents, service contracts or an error code database ensure that you are always highly qualified to act on site.

Time Recording and Confirmation

An App inside the App  

Especially for service technicians in the field, a powerful app solution is available for time recording and feedback of assignments. This enables you to record different mobile times such as travel, work preparation, work, breaks and closing time for planned or unplanned shifts. Of course, all times can also be entered afterwards in a timesheet for the respective working day and handed over to the office staff for invoicing to the customer. Of course, the confirmation of spare parts, purchased items, used materials and expenses is also possible.