Modern and Reliable

  • Open technology platform
  • Use of modern industry standards
  • Comprehensive adaptability
  • Deep integration into existing IT infrastructures

The Technology Of the PisaSales CRM

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CRM Apps

Enjoy mobile access via smartphone and tablet (iOS, Android and Windows) to all information of your CRM system.

Comprehensive functions for sales, marketing and service as well as unique offline functionality let you act anytime and anywhere.

In addition, an innovative app-in-app concept allows you to use highly individualized apps that are customized for your company.

abas-ERP Integration

  • Flexibly expandable standard integration to your abas-ERP
  • Optimal integration into your existing IT landscape
  • Robust and high-performance data exchange
  • Based on modern AJO technology

SAP-ERP Coupling

Extend your ERP

PisaSales can serve as a flexibly expansible interface to your SAP-ERP, specifically modules MM, SD, FI and PM. Exchange data bidirectionally with XML technology that makes simple field mapping and customer-specific adjustments possible, even without coding skills. Whether synchronous or asynchronous, both options are possible. The communication is fast and robust.

PSIpenta-ERP Integration

  • Comprehensive coupling for integration between your PSIpenta-ERP and the CRM solution PisaSales
  • Result of many years of development work
  • Many times in use, well proven
  • Multisite capable

Further ERP Interfaces

Avoid redundant data storage through a simple, fast and robust data exchange that employs modern interface technologies  based on XML, web services and REST-APIs. Benefit from our experience in connecting ERP systems in various industries

DMS Interfaces

Documents always available in the right context

  • Individual coupling to your DMS system
  • Quick finding of documents thanks to the full text search
  • Saving documents directly from Microsoft Office in PiSA sales
  • Duplicate check for documents

Groupware and E-mail

With bidirectionall standard couplings to Outlook, Exchange, Lotus Notes  and the Google G Suite PiSA sales CRM serves as your central tool for communication and administration. Be it mail correspondance or the organization of appointments via calendar, both synchronizes automatically. A groupware client for remote collaboration is also available.

CTI / telephony integration

  • Caller ID for an even more personalized approach
  • One-click access to the customer file of the calling customer
  • History of all incoming, outgoing and missed calls
  • Outgoing calls at the click of a mouse
  • Skype for business component available

Additional interfaces

Always up-to-date information on companies and contacts with the interface to Echobot CONNECT.

Professional email marketing with Inxmail Professional or CleverReach.