Comfortable Contracts Management in PisaSales CRM

The PisaSales CRM is helpful when creating service contracts. 

Create a new service contract directly on your customer data record using templates and add billing data, contact persons and the scope of the contract including calculation, additional texts, clauses and terms and conditions.Thanks to the view of your customer’s installed base integrated in PisaSales CRM, you can drag and drop the service objects or service-relevant products and services that are to be included in the contract into the contract configuration. You then select the scope of services included in the contract, including the associated intervals, and use the Calculation Wizard to calculate quantities, prices, and dates according to the interval definition. At the push of a button, you create and send an e-mail with the contract documents to your customer for approval.

Much More Than Just Contract Management

  • All deadlines, conditions and settlement details always in view
  • Map any type of contract in PisaSales CRM
  • Use templates for an efficient and error-free procedure
  • Keep an overview of terms, payment intervals and due dates
  • Practical resubmissions remind you of notice periods, for example
  • Automatic generation of service calls according to e.g. agreed maintenance intervals

Effective Contract Management

Conditions at a glance and never miss an expiration of a contract

With PisaSales Contract Management you always have the negotiated conditions in view. One click is all it takes to access the contract details and know the agreed framework conditions such as terms, deadlines, extensions, security information, discount agreements, etc. An automatic reminder at contract expiry reminds you that the current contract expires and conditions have to be renegotiated.

Use workflows and automatic resubmissions 

With the PisaSales contract management you record all decisive contract details. Based on this information, PisaSales supports not only event-oriented but also periodic service processes such as maintenance tasks. The timely creation of maintenance orders with all associated subsequent processes (e.g. service deployment planning) is ensured by a workflow in PisaSales. You never miss a deadline and act proactively at any time.

Manage and Monitor Contract Histories

Strengthen your negotiating position by mapping contract histories

Especially in long term customer relationships, mapping of contract histories is an important basis for your actions. Being aware of conditions such as discounts, terms and deadlines enables you to competently and purposefully represent the interests of your company during the next negotiation without losing sight of your customer. At the end of the day, both sides should be satisfied with the outcome of the negotiations. This ensures a long-term business relationship based on partnership.

Sector-Specific Contract Management

Contract management is not only applicable in the service field! The PisaSales CRM offers you the platform for the most different types of contracts. As a software manufacturer or reseller of software products you want to map your license management and store support contracts. As a manufacturer in the area of capital goods, you want to manage maintenance and service contracts. Or you are a trading company and have framework agreements with your customers? No matter which industry you belong to. With PisaSales CRM all types of contracts can be displayed.