Service Processes

Lower Costs and More Efficiency

  • Digitalization of all process lines in service and customer service
  • Common knowledge base around the customer and his service-relevant products and services
  • Automatisms ensure higher process speed and process quality

CRM Software for Service

Example: Field Service

Service Planning

Plan the operations of your field service team efficiently and transparently with the help of plnning boards that provide all the information for scheduling such as available personnel and non-personnel resources.

Maintain an overview of all service processes, get an efficient overview of personal tasks and successes by using individual dashboards and cockpits.

The Field service App keeps you in touch with your colleagues in the field at all times. At the push of a button, you transmit new service jobs and receive the working time and materials used back for invoicing.

Ticket Management

  • A central platform for the processing of tickets, claims and complaints
  • Knowledge database for optimal ticket processing
  • Integrated escalation management

Field Service

Plan, Support and Report

Reduce the time you spend on planning and managing field service through self-service apps. Field technicians have immediate access to client data, ressource planning and documentation via apps for all devices.
Feedback, accounting and time tracking works directly from the app as well, even when temporarily offline.

Service Sales

  • Bind your customers to your company in the long term through excellent after-sales service
  • Identify sales potentials with the PisaSales CRM
  • Analyze your service customers and address them in a targeted manner

Knowledge Base

Help your customers to find answers even before they have to call for service and make live easier for your support staff with a well-structured knowledge base.

A dedicated FAQs section helps to solve the most common pain-points. Attaching and linking further readings and documents facilitates the search for solutions to less common or more complex problems. Add-in hierarchical information structure and meaningful tags and you have a knowledge base built for findability.

Contract Management

Enjoy Total Transparency

  • Mapping of any contracts and structured creation, versioning and storage of contract documents
  • Create contracts from templates and with the help of text modules
  • Automatic resubmissions, for example for contract and warranty expiries