Comprehensive Lead Management Made Easy

The simple recording, error-free management and smooth transfer of leads and interested parties from marketing to sales is crucial for later success. PisaSales CRM offers unique solutions for this process. Incoming inquiries (online, by phone, e-mail, letter, fax etc.) can be quickly qualified, categorized and delegated to the appropriate teams in PisaSales CRM. A special view allows you to see at any time when the inquiry arrived and through which channel. At any time, the processing status and further processing of the individual lead can be tracked. An automatic escalation management ensures that no request remains unanswered.

Track Your Leads

  • Recording and administration of inquiries or leads from all channels
  • Extensive evaluations via channels, number per time unit, conversion rate and much more
  • Full transparency over the entire process, right into the sales department

Record Leads Centrally

An important task of marketing is to provide sales with as many qualified and promising leads as possible. Transparency and measurability play a decisive role here. PisaSales CRM offers you all the tools you need for systematic lead management. In the lead management portal of the system you can see all inquiries or leads from all channels in a consolidated list. The status, processing status and sales transactions (business opportunities, quotations and orders) that have arisen from the individual leads can be traced at a glance. 

Extensive evaluation options help you to analyze the recorded leads from various points of view. At the same time, the lead management portal serves as a transparent interface to sales. The use of PisaSales CRM thus strengthens the cooperation between departments and provides the necessary overview in times of inbound marketing, even with high inquiry volumes.