The PisaSales CRM offers unique possibilities of communication and cooperation. In addition to the common knowledge base, an internal messaging system is at your disposal, with which you can also exchange processes, documents, contacts, etc. across departments and locations.

Work Even Better Together

  • Chat collaboration tool at all events and visit reports
  • All chat histories are stored in their respective context
  • Adjustable push messages and system messages on smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop PC
  • Sending hyperlinks to e.g. documents, processes or contacts via system message or e-mail
  • Internal messaging system with automatic reference to the relevant facts

Take Your Communication to the Next Level

With the Enterprise Collaboration Tool and the Internal Messaging System in PisaSales CRM, You Can Raise Your Internal Communication to a New Level

All team members are in dialogue with each other and can exchange information about processes in a targeted manner. You will optionally be informed about new messages via push message and can respond directly. All chat histories are automatically saved in the respective context. 

In this way, it is possible to trace what was discussed even weeks or months later. Especially interesting: The system itself can also automatically write messages and send them to the relevant recipients. For example, a sales manager does not need to log into the CRM system to find out that a new order has been received. The PisaSales CRM notifies him by push message on all his devices if desired. You see: Communication via the central CRM system is much more efficient and time-saving compared to communication via telephone and e-mail. This is what makes teamwork really fun!