Software Development

As well as the development and enhancement of our standard software, we also develop customer-specific applications and implement interfaces to other systems.

In addition to our CPQ software, as part of the JustRelate Group we can offer companies an integrated software suite for digitalization. Among others, these include the content management system Scrivito CMS, the customer relationship management software PisaSales CRM as well as Neoletter, a solution for email marketing and marketing automation. Thus, Planware can also be incorporated into a digital experience platform – for example, for guided selling or more complex CRM requirements.


Thanks to a large number of projects, especially in mechanical and plant engineering, we are very familiar with the complex requirements of a wide range of industries.

Our experts advise you on product structuring, drawing up functional specifications or variant management for example, and are always on hand to provide advice. During the operational phase, each customer has his or her own personal contact person who knows the customer's business inside out and can thus provide optimum support. To this end, we provide you with experienced project consultants with whom you can define the technical framework, agree on the procedure and define possible optimizations.

If required, we can also support you in preparing your product range for mapping in the Planware software. With the experience we have gathered from a large number of projects, we also support you in issues of delimitation, variant formation and offer management.


None of our customers has to launch our configuration software "on a greenfield". They usually have existing ERP systems, use company-wide CRM software and have often invested a lot of time and money in developing their own design modules.

Only by integrating CPQ software into the company's IT landscape and incorporating existing software modules can the quote process be fully supported efficiently. Duplicate data maintenance is eliminated, software that has already been developed can continue to be used, and there is continuous system use without interruption for the user.

With the open interfaces of Planware and with our project managers’ know-how, ERP, CRM and PPS systems can also be quickly and practically integrated.

Maintenance and Operation

As a standard software, we carry out Planware maintenance, develop its functions further and customize it to adapt to innovations in operating systems, databases, web browsers etc. Our customers obtain these adaptations within the framework of the software development.

Questions may arise when the system is in operation, for example whether additional standard modules are to be used or new functions are to be released. In these cases, your personal contact person is always available. This ensures fast, reliable and competent help, which is also part of a maintenance contract.

If desired, we can also take on the operation of the software. In this situation the web server is hosted in an external data center and is administered by us.