Planware CPQ net

Planware net is our easy-to-use web-based sales system that manages quotes, performs product selection, and automatically generates calculations and quotes. As a pure browser application, Planware net can operate without any plugins. As a result, the system provides access to product knowledge from any location with an Internet connection and enables on-site quote generation.

Various costing methods are available to you. The simple calculation consists of plausibility checks and the addition of standard prices and expenses. The detailed costing takes into account country discounts and risk rates, special and transfer prices, and special settings.

The optional output to Microsoft Excel, the processing and calculations in Excel and the automated return of data to the Planware software offers you the highest flexibility when creating your calculation.

Planware CPQ Server

The Planware server is the central platform for product and quote configuration. Modifications to the software are carried out centrally on the Planware server, and updates are immediately available once approved. The interfaces to databases, new browsers and operating systems are also maintained centrally via the server. This guarantees trouble-free operation even if the system environment changes.

Planware CPQ Product Designer

The Planware assistant is the component for the user-friendly, form-based maintenance of products, components, prices and texts as well as regulations and dependency relationships. The product portfolio and the performance components can be developed with the assistant.

Planware CPQ Developer Studio

The Planware Editor is the development environment in which the individual configuration applications are created. It is used to implement customer-specific design calculation, special workflows, interface design and functional requirements. The editor can also be used by customers to further develop the application independently.

Integration in ERP Systems

Almost all Planware customers use an ERP system such as SAP. It is important that data exchanges between the ERP system and the CPQ software function smoothly, in both directions and with manageable effort. Planware offers flexible connectors and integrations for this purpose, with which the software can be fully integrated into the ERP environment. Data and information from the ERP can thus be used in Planware without requiring programming, and Planware quote data is transferred directly to the ERP.