Application Scenarios

Product Configuration and Quote Generation

The configuration of products and the automatic generation of quotes and bills of material are the classic use cases of CPQ software. With Planware’s standard functions, users can find the optimal configuration with just a few clicks, even with a complex and extensive product structure.

Your sales staff use Planware as an expert system that provides them with all configuration options, taking dependency rules and exclusions into account. As all variants and object dependencies for parts, components and service modules are stored in the system, even less experienced employees can work with the software. At the touch of a button, the customer can get a correct quote in any language and in a layout in accordance with your corporate identity. Special, company-specific requirements can also be quickly implemented with Planware.

Guided Selling

With guided selling, interested parties can configure products themselves on your website, even without prior knowledge. After the customer has answered a few questions about his requirements and wishes, he automatically receives information about technical parameters, prices and delivery times. Images, 3D models and videos can also be displayed for the configured product to provide visual support. The interested party can create a short offer for himself, send you an inquiry with additional requests if necessary, or order the configured product directly.

Product Finder

When customers search for products on a company website, they often have to use a hierarchical search for product groups and categories. To do this, they usually need prior knowledge about the products. When using Planware as a product finder, customers easily can find what they are looking for on your website using parameters such as requirement attributes and framework conditions.

Channel Portals

Vendors and sales partners can offer configurable products via a channel portal. It can be used exclusively by registered customers, for whom additional configuration parameters and, if necessary, individual discount systems can be activated. The channel portal can be seamlessly integrated into corporate websites.