Updating website live

Collaborating Real-Time with Scrivito

In mid-February, we launched Scrivito 1.0, our JavaScript-based CMS with unmatched in-place editing: add widgets from a large extensible selection to a page, rearrange them to your liking, add your content. From what we’ve gathered from our customers, the user experience is so amazingly smooth – working with web pages is not only more efficient than ever, it’s also really fun!

Now there is even more on the editing front, and we’d like to share our enthusiasm with you – welcome to live updating!

In place editing in Scrivito

Collaborate Even Smarter!

We create a lot of content, and of course we as a team often review and discuss what we’ve produced using our favorite tool, Scrivito. Picture us looking jointly on a page, each in front of his/her notebook. Then one of us chooses to apply smaller changes we agreed on – and starts asking us to "please reload!"… This part of the workflow definitely needed improvement.

In late April, we released Scrivito 1.1.0, which lets you view the edits as they are being made, like you are side by side with your busy colleague.. :)

Whether you’re talking face to face, chatting, or video-conferencing: Just sit and watch widgets rearrange, see how images are being exchanged, how text is being replaced. Keep discussing instead of waiting for the “please reload!”; get your work done faster by collaborating smarter thanks to live updating!

Live auto-updating content in Scrivito

That was part one, live updating in preview mode. Part two will follow in one of our next releases, for sure! Stay tuned!