Enterprise Grade Security

Security as well as information and compliance governance are vital for modern businesses. Going cloud-native means you can rely on world-class expertise and service when it comes to infrastructure hard- and software.

  • No more maintenanceHighest security measures out of the box
  • No more bothering about information lossData is stored in at least three data centers
  • No more dealing with compliance and privacyJustRelate takes all required measures within the cloud-service 

Speed and Scalability

No matter if you are in the midst of an international rollout, launching a new product or expanding your service offer: Leave no doubt that your technical infrastructure is the backbone not the bottleneck of your business activities. Scrivito will always fulfill your needs as it runs on AWS the most reliable and flexible infrastructure provider.

  • Maximum availability99,99% website availability, even during huge traffic peaks
  • Fastest deliveryDeliver all content, even HD video, quickly world-wide
  • Unmatched flexibilityCreate as many web projects as you need, on-demand with just a couple of clicks

Predictable and Transparent

Managing digital projects or even an entire digital transformation is complex. Keeping  scope, spendings and deadlines in check all at once becomes troublesome as soon as departments keep adding requirements and wishes.
As an enterprise CMS, Scrivito allows to build and prototype quickly while providing clarity on running pages and maintenance services.

  • Stay on timeSet sites up within minutes. Expand with just a few clicks.
  • Stay on budgetTranparent pricing:  no licensing costs - just pay per use
  • Stay on topFull control over the service quality through SLAS

Integrate Any System or Service You Need

The best way to go down the road of digital transformation is step-by-step. After all, it's a difficult process with a considerable number of moving parts. The ability to integrate systems is key to reduce the complexity of projects without compromising functionality.

  • Integrate mission-critical legacy systems
  • Add best-of-breed systems and apps
  • Customize for a seamless look and feel

Great Simplicity and Usability

Web Scrivito CMS is intuitive and easy to understand, even for novice users. You can place content directly on the web pages, exactly where you want and with a built-in preview, you can also instantly see how your site looks, including on different devices like mobile. The modular widget approach allows editors to flexibly build custom pages without reaching out to developers.

One CMS for Several Sites, Several CMS for Different Departments, One Site in Different Languages? No Problem!

With Scrivito it is possible to create separate CMS - the so-called multi-tenancy - as a shared service. With just a few clicks you can create as many web projects on-demand as you need and decide if you want to separate the systems. Unseparated systems share stored digital assets such as images, videos and documents. The multi-platform functionality gives your company flexibility and room for growth.

Exemplary Support

You won’t get connected to an offshore team that only knows answers to common questions, and it will not take hours to get through. Our support staff are actual developers who work with Scrivito every day.

Workflows, Roles and Permissions

Creating, reviewing, publishing content - every company has its own rules and processes for these editorial routines. You can store corresponding roles, permissions and workflows in Scrivito to ensure that no one publishes content without authorization or prematurely.