For Developers

  • JavaScript and ReactJS development
  • All client-side components available as open source
  • Excellent documentation
  • 2nd level hotline 
  • Rich set of free example codesRich set of free example codes
  • Can be hosted in professional data centers
  • 24/7 on request

For Publishers


  • WYSWIG editing
  • Widgets as building blocks
  • Drag-and-drop editing
  • Auto-saving as you type
  • Media asset management
  • Cross-device preview
  • Automatic image scaling

For Publishers


  • Individual working copies
  • Real-time, collaborative editing
  • History and roll-back
  • Customizable permissions and roles
  • Consistent publishing
  • User management

For Businesses

  • API for integrations
  • High-performance CDN
  • Search powered by Elastic
  • Usage-based pricing
  • Support level: 24/7 on request
  • Service availability 99.95%
  • Professional support
  • API for external user management
  • GDPR compliant

What's New in Fiona 8?

Fiona 8 is based on JavaScript and ReactJS, a browser-side web application environment that is fast and secure, providing the best editor and visitor experience.

Websites built with Fiona 8 are JavaScript applications running in the browser, interacting with the CMS to provide your content to the visitors super fast.

Fiona 8 is built primarily for on-premise hosting, allowing enterprises full control over the technologies used, for instance content storage or monitoring.