Fiona 8 is our powerful content management solution for enterprises looking for a professional yet easy-to-use CMS that can be installed and maintained in private clouds or on premise.

Fiona 8 is made available as Docker images. Docker is a tool for creating, deploying, managing and running applications using containers.

Some of the Docker images provided are proprietary and require a license to run, others are in the public domain and thus freely available. For configuring and orchestrating the Docker containers Fiona 8 is comprised of, Docker Compose is used.

Technically, Fiona 8 shares most of the code with Scrivito. So whenever the name Scrivito is used, it also applies to Fiona 8. The main difference between Fiona 8 and Scrivito is that while Scrivito is a cloud product with a daily update cycle, Fiona 8 replaces all cloud components by non-cloud solutions and will not be released on a daily basis.

Each version of Fiona 8 is geared to a specific version of the Scrivito SDK, the maximum version it supports. The current version of Fiona 8 is aligned to the Scrivito SDK 1.20. Previous SDK versions may work as well but have not been tested for compatibility with Fiona 8.

Do not update the Scrivito SDK to a later version than the one your Fiona 8 version relies on as this may cause subtle errors that cannot be worked around easily.


If you are using the previous version of CMS Fiona, please refer to the Fiona Classic Documentation.