For its CRM selection, CGR International relies on the PisaSales system of JustRelate

CGR International adopts PisaSales CRM

For its CRM selection, CGR International relies on the PisaSales system of the homonymous Berlin-based software provider. With 20 locations spread across three continents and more than 1,550 employees, CGR International is a globally operating supplier for several industries such as avionics and the automotive sector.

Since its foundation in 1962, the French company has specialized in stamping and forming technology as well as the design and manufacture of parts.

Its expertise includes flat and wire spring coiling and forming, tube and wire bending, cutting and stamping, plastic injection and overmolding.

Due to the partnership between PisaSales CRM and abas ERP system, the CGR Group was already familiar with its future CRM software. However, the possibility of integrating the already existing ERP with a CRM tool was not the primary reason for the fortunate implementation. The French company had specific requirements in terms of a user-friendly interface and a location independent accessibility via a web browser. The PisaSales CRM proved to be a good fit as a powerful system that could already offer industry-specific support in all customer management processes in its standard version.

For CGR International, a clear overview of all sales activities and procedures is of high importance. The main goal for the future is to share all sales activities within the group organization in a central system in order to shorten lead times, enhance team working and to make sales potential more visible.

PisaSales’ easy-to-use mobile CRM app will be a great asset for traveling salespeople, too. Either online or offline, sales-relevant information and documents can be quickly retrieved anytime and anywhere. In this way, all tools for preparing and following up customer visits will be right at their fingertips even from the road or on an airplane.

Eventually, the PisaSales CRM will support the whole staff from sales planning to order management, whereas a further expansion for the service team is planned as well.

PisaSales’ CRM software also has the advantage of being universally operative, as a multilingual user interface and the support of international time zones are already found in its standard version. This feature is certainly fundamental for CGR International, as the software will be initially introduced in European locations, and rapidly extended in Mexico, Brazil and China locations.

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PisaSales CRM: Exzellente CRM-Software fĂĽr Vertrieb, Marketing und Service

PisaSales CRM ist unsere hochflexible Standardlösung für das Customer-Relationship-Management. Die Software lässt sich schnell einsetzen, individuell anpassen und ist perfekt für mittelständische und große Unternehmen geeignet. PisaSales deckt Marketing-, Vertriebs- und Serviceanforderungen vollständig ab.