Case Study: How we digitalised BImA

Learn more about the way we digitalised and leveraged workspace in huge federal agency

The Federal Agency for Real Estate (BImA) is one of the largest property owners in Germany with a portfolio of more than 400,000 hectares and around 44,000 apartments. In addition to the sale and rental of residential and commercial space, there are also areas for the maintenance of renewable energies, such as disused airports or former fuel storage facilities, in the portfolio. Around 6,000 employees work for the company in nine directorates at 120 locations. The Institute for Federal Real Estate (BImA) uses the handling concept in Infopark's Content Management System.

Project: CMS for editors and partners

Our solution for BImA's needs and demands is a customised CMS, that offers editors and partners a convenient way to create websites in a timely manner. Effective multi-site management, the intuitive graphical user interface, with a high degree of prefabrication through a "modular system" create a central and comprehensible editorial system.

Thanks to the innovative inline editing concept, content boxes can be inserted with just two clicks. Editors can quickly create and complete new campaigns, microsite, and conversion pages. In addition to the technical implementation, Infopark is also responsible for the design.


The adaptable and programmable platform in the cloud creates websites at the touch of a button. Creating a new website via the multi-site management console will provide a fully functional search and navigation with pre-filled areas, such as "Privacy" or "Imprint".

Through an interface with "ImmobilienScout24", property seekers in the fully integrated real estate portal at receive all BImA offers tailored to their needs in real time. No property found? On request, interested parties will immediately receive a message when new offers appear for your saved search query. Several thousand recipients receive their personalised e-mail every day within a few hours.

The portal "My BImA" allows users to customise their master data independently and to manage search jobs for the real estate agent as well as newsletter subscriptions.