Subscription PisaSales CRM

Berlin CRM Provider Pisasales Presents New Licensing Model

The PisaSales CRM Is Now Available to Its Customers as an Inexpensive Subscription Solution.

This means that PisaSales CRM is available from a monthly subscription fee of just 21.90 euros per user. The price already includes maintenance costs, support, updates and access to the e-learning platform “PisaSales Academy”.  As stated by Dirk Kosellek, Head of Marketing of the JustRelate Group:

“The Demand for a Highly Flexible and Easy Access Licensing Model with a Low Price Was Increasingly Directed at Us by the Market. as a Customer-Centric Company, We Are Therefore Now Offering a Subscription Solution That Perfectly Meets the Needs of Medium-Sized and Large Companies” .

Thanks to the flexible licensing model, companies can choose a range of functions according to their needs. Another advantage is that over-licensing can be avoided.

Furthermore, every PisaSales customer can decide for himself where the system is hosted. As a classic option, the software can be hosted in-house on own servers. If desired, the CRM can be hosted in a high-security data center located in Germany. This guarantees a maximum of data security and data protection.

In addition to the subscription solution, PisaSales remains available as a classic purchase solution. “With a low subscription fee, our customers can benefit from low capital commitment and higher flexibility. We also hope that low upfront costs will make it easier for many companies to get started with professional CRM. Interested parties can obtain an initial price estimate via an interactive cost calculator on our website,” explains Dirk Kosellek.