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Why Become a Partner?

We are always looking for existing agencies, companies and individuals who want to transform the way their own customers and clients do business. Scrivito CMS and PisaSales CRM are an unbelievably flexible platforms that can allow you to get ahead of the competition while saving time, money and resources. By partnering with JustRelate, you can pitch faster and easier and even bring the fun back into your work. Your clients will be happier than ever when they see how much more you can do with us – and who doesn’t want happy clients?

As a member of the Agency Partner program, you’ll get exclusive partner resources and training to help you increase your revenue and improve client retention. And for the duration of your partnership, a JustRelate channel account manager will also provide in-depth business consulting with a focus on sales and revenue generation for your Agency. And last but not least, when you become an official partner, you will receive a free version of Scrivito to run your own website with our powerful CMS!

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