Cloud computing

99.95 % + Uptime

No Breaks in Content Delivery

Running a traditional content management system comes with the burden of system administration jobs that directly affect the availability of service: Installing CMS patches and avoiding to break plug-in dependencies while doing so, updating staging and production systems as well as CMS components and the operating system, relaunching, expanding tables in the database, monitoring system integrations, fixing failed integrations, invalidating caches, re-deploying the website. All these tasks and many others lead to planned or unexpected downtimes. Since the availability of the content to be delivered is vital for customers and employees, the unavailability of a server can cause serious damage. It is not about a single shopping transaction that fails or a small piece of important information that can’t be provided to the customer. It is worse: The customers’ trust or the employees’ motivation may be damaged in a way that has expensive long-term effects.

Therefore, planned or unplanned CMS downtimes are no longer acceptable. The Internet operates 24/7/365. Hence, the CMS as a content hub must be permanently available, and a corresponding service level agreement (SLA) is established.

The software architecture of the SaaS CMS Scrivito is fully based on distributed, fault-tolerant web services using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Scrivito’s modern architecture includes monitoring, self-healing and a scaling shared-nothing architecture distributed over several redundant data centers, also known as availability zones. Websites powered by the enterprise SaaS CMS Scrivito are available at the highest possible standard: Both guaranteed by AWS and included in the SLA. There are no outages in content delivery, even during blackouts and natural disasters. The SaaS CMS Scrivito is even used in critical infrastructure like in aviation and medical environments.

Long-term Scrivito customers have been running the system for 5+ years without experiencing a single minute of downtime. Thanks to the architecture of the cloud-native SaaS CMS Scrivito, organizations can expect to measure a service availability of over 99.95 % per month.

"Measurable Success" - White Paper

This blogpost is an excerpt from the “Measurable Success” white paper. You can download it for free to learn about the 10 most relevant factors by which the success of a CMS can be measured.