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10k+ Audited Frameworks

Low Code: Avoiding Reinventing the Wheel

Security Is a Challenge

Many CMSs, mainly open source, offer hundreds of plug-ins to enhance the functionality of the websites and the CMS. Some are useful, many are not. A certain degree of redundancy exists. They are often created by the community or anonymous third-party companies, which makes it almost impossible to track their compliance with security standards. Especially in the PHP world, where thorough testing and coding standards are not a priority. Those plug-ins are potential back doors to the company’s data on the servers as they usually have full access to all data.

According to Imperva, “98 % of WordPress vulnerabilities are related to plug-ins, which extend the functionality and features of a website or a blog”1. Security breaches caused by using insecure plug-ins might compromise enterprises in a completely different way allowing hackers to change content on websites, exploit personal data or even install malware. In the age of GDPR, this can lead not just to bad PR but also to significant fines by the data protection authorities.

Other plug-ins, especially those available for commercial CMSs, are difficult to adjust or enhance. At best, the support of a developer is needed. At worst, those plug-ins don’t work and cause code to break, requiring PHP or Java specialists to locate and fix errors.

Open Source but Curated 

SaaS CMS Scrivito offers 70+ useful, customizable widgets out of the box. These are tested and curated by Scrivito, even if they are 3rd party. You can use them as they come, drag and drop them on the page, and see the results of your changes in an advanced WYSIWYG editor with live preview. If our widgets don’t cover your use cases, you can either modify the standard widgets or simply create and deploy your own using JavaScript and React – no special Scrivito know-how required.

And the best thing is, as those widgets all run in the browser, they’re safe by default. They can’t compromise any servers, because there aren’t any.

10+K Javascript / React Libraries

Since Scrivito can be extended with JavaScript / React, the related libraries and frameworks from sources like npm or Github can be used. These libraries are numerous and cover a broad range of additional functionality to develop any web application. Adding those libraries to a Scrivito project is very easy. This reduces your project efforts significantly.

Unlike existing CMSs, Scrivito does not limit the implementation of the project in any way. Since Scrivito can be part of any JavaScript / React project, there are few restrictions on how the web application is designed and developed. Scrivito embeds itself as a lightweight service in the project, not the other way around. This keeps training for developers low: If you know React and JavaScript, you already know Scrivito. Scrivito also comes with comprehensive documentation on how to integrate common services such as Salesforce, Auth0, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Slack, ecommerce tools and others. Measurable success refers to the fact that Scrivito’s 70+ curated widgets cover a broad range of functionality at the highest security standard. 10k+ ready-to-use libraries allow you to use existing tools if customization is needed. The result is a significantly shorter time to market, lower project costs, professional support, and incomparable security.

"Measurable Success" - White Paper

This blogpost is an excerpt from the “Measurable Success” white paper. You can download it for free to learn about the 10 most relevant factors by which the success of a CMS can be measured.