Scrivito Jamstack architecture

100 % Cloud

Only the True Cloud Offers Real Benefits

Full-Stack, Cloud-Native Architecture

Current CMS setups require a lot of IT infrastructure. In addition to the CMS and the operating system itself, databases, servers, load balancers, monitoring/ backup systems, and search engines are needed. In addition to the production environment, development and test environments are also needed with precisely matched components. Custom integrations, deployment tools, frameworks and libraries further add to CMS complexity. A team of specially trained sysadmins and webmasters have to administer it around the clock.

Naturally, today’s CMSs additionally require an adequate, service-oriented IT infrastructure. But very few companies have a global IT infrastructure available in house, or the associated costs and infrastructure investments will have a significant time and financial impact on the business case.

Scrivito Jamstack architecture

Today, the best infrastructure for this purpose is operated globally by experienced cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), which dominates the cloud market according to The Wall Street Journal1. But many legacy CMSs, claiming to be cloud ready/based, are just hosted on these platforms without really taking advantage of them. Their claim to be cloud-ready is, in fact, at least misleading. It’s like hosting a mail server and claiming you’ve created Gmail.

Running a legacy CMS in the cloud solves only a fraction of the problems. Remote hosting and cloud-native computing are two different approaches requiring very different software architectures, while only true cloud computing offers all the benefits. SaaS CMSs are built for the cloud. They make use of the full stack of available web services and benefit accordingly. Only a system developed 100 % for the cloud offers real benefits.

The cloud gives users not only full availability and flexibility, but also provides a modern, stable and robust environment by means of which enterprises access resources available in the cloud: Big Data, next-gen technologies like voice search, machine learning, and AI. It also allows them to take full advantage of services like Lambda, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, DynamoDB, CloudFront, or the Amazon API Gateway.

SaaS CMS Scrivito is built specifically for the cloud and is powered by one of the top cloud-computing suppliers – Amazon Web Services (AWS), with solutions that take full advantage of the potential offered by this modern environment. Thanks to Scrivito’s native cloud approach, organizations can expect a significant, measurable decrease in the total cost of ownership (TCO) as well as a significantly shorter time to market with projects.

"Measurable Success" - White Paper

This blogpost is an excerpt from the “Measurable Success” white paper. You can download it for free to learn about the 10 most relevant factors by which the success of a CMS can be measured.