Scrivito RoR UI

100 % CDN-Backed Asset Delivery

One of the central benefits of using Scrivito is that binary content, e.g. images, is delivered fast and reliably to the visitors of your website, no matter where they're located. The technology behind this, the transparent use of a Content Distribution Network, isn't new to our CMS. In fact, CDN integration was an early milestone in the course of developing Scrivito.

So what's the news?

As of mid-December 2016, all content delivery is backed by the CDN behind Scrivito, Amazon CloudFront. For this to work, we recently changed the asset URLs.

Before that, only assets part of the published content and of working copies being previewed were delivered via the CDN. In Edit mode, assets were served solely by EU-based Amazon S3.

So, when editing pages containing any amount of images, pages should load speedier now, especially if you're not located in the EU.

Happy editing!